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Studio Offerings


We have two formal recitals in January and June. Additionally, we have a Miscast Recital/Halloween Recital in October. This is a less formal recital for continuing students, complete with costumes!

Studio Classes

Our periodic studio classes encourage studio members to get to know each other. The classes provide a supportive environment to practice performing and reinforce skills students are learning in private lessons.

Exam Preparation

The ABRSM and RCM exams are available for highly driven students starting at the late-beginner/early-intermediate level. More information can be found on their websites:



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Lesson Location

All lessons are held online via zoom or at the Westmoreland Congregational United Church of Christ in Bethesda, MD.

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Benefits of Online Lessons

1. Convenience

There's no need to factor in driving time! Parents are able to multitask caring for other children, making dinner, or answering emails while still being a part of the lesson. Adult students can fit lessons into their hectic schedules.

2. Comfort

Many students are more comfortable singing and playing in their own home. Voice students are less concerned about being overheard. Piano students enjoy having a lesson on the same instrument they practice with.

3. Higher Attendance

Students are much less likely to miss a lesson when they can attend remotely. Many students attend lessons from a grandparent's house or the beach. A student is still able to attend a lesson when they are sick or contagious. Plus, no more inclement weather days!

4. Musicianship Skills

All students have improved their musicianship skills since moving online. Voice students learn to sing a capella confidently and in-tune. Piano students learn to internalize rhythm and problem solve minor mistakes.

Young girl at the piano on a zoom call
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